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Christian TEFL
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Thanks for visiting the Christian TEFL website.

We hope this is the start of a fabulous service adventure for you!

Christian TEFL is an organisation that is very different from other TEFL training providers.

We train people to teach English via our accredited online TEFL courses and then we point our graduates in the direction of mission partners, who are seeking volunteers to teach English in a mission setting. So we aim to be a meeting place for those who want to serve Christ through TEFL and organisations engaged in doing just that.

But the real difference is that we are a Christian charity (registered charity number 1145857) and as such, we give all our profit to our partner organisations, so that your course fees go in the most part to helping to spread the gospel.

Through our sister organisation Global English TESOL we’ve been training people to teach English since 1996 (and teaching English ourselves for several years before that!). Everyone here is a former or current EFL teacher so we like to think we can give you the best quality training of any online TEFL training provider.

The idea is that you can enrol on one of our TEFL programmes, get a qualification behind you in your own time, and then go to work in the mission field, be it on a short term project or in a long term setting, using your knowledge of English to assist you.

As member of Global Connections, we agree with and subscribe to the statement of faith that appears on their website here:

Interested in finding out more about us? Then take a look at the Why Choose Us and Did You Know pages to discover what motivates us and how we work. 

Just some of the reasons our students like what we do…

TEFL training with a difference

We offer TEFL training with a difference; professional, accredited programmes with individualised feedback on your work. Plus 100% of our profit goes towards spreading the Gospel. Follow us on Facebook to see what’s new in travel, TEFL and Christian mission.

highly personalised and individual responses
Our tutors provide highly personalised and individual responses to your work. Indeed, this one of the most highly acclaimed items on the appraisal forms written by our TEFL graduates. This means you get maximum support as you learn and we can better guide you to becoming more successful in the classroom.
support is ongoing
Our support is ongoing and does not end when you submit your final module so whether you want advice on your TEFL CV, or if you simply need a bit of help and inspiration, you can contact us personally and we are always happy to help.
profits go to charity

100% of our profits go towards supporting Christian mission and outreach. You choose which partner receives your donation and your money will go to help support the mission work of making Christ known around the world. We believe we are the only TEFL training organisation to share our income in this way. Check out the list of our partners here and discover the wonderful work they are doing!

cost of our courses
We have kept the cost of our courses down. We provide all the features you would expect yet our courses still offer excellent value when compared to other similarly accredited distance courses. We have a split payment facility to make our courses even more accessible.

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