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The investment you are about to make in your TEFL training is important. But how can you tell which online course to take when there are so many options?

This is where ACTDEC comes in. ACTDEC is the Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses, one of the UK’s leading online TESOL accrediting body, non-profit making and responsible for maintaining professional standards in TESOL distance programmes. For this reason, Christian TEFL has sought and has succeeded in gaining ACTDEC accreditation for its level 2, 3 and 5 courses.

Good news for you...

ACTDEC accredited TEFL course providers have to adhere to a strict code of practice and are audited by the accrediting body for course content, marking standards etc. to ensure that we are abiding by the code. 

Good news for your employer...

Employers and volunteer organisations like to know that the course you have taken has been scrutinised by a qualified, established, accrediting body.

When you complete your level 2, 3,  or 5 TEFL course course, in addition to the Christian TEFL certificate issued immediately, you will have the option to purchase an additional ACTDEC certificate, awarded directly by the accrediting body. This prestigious certificate is a worthwhile addition to your teaching CV or resume.

When you complete your TEFL course, you can not only use your certificate in a service setting, but it will also act as a respected qualification should you decide to continue with your TEFL career elsewhere around the world. 

And good news for the TESOL profession...

ACTDEC is constantly looking to improve quality and standards in TESOL Distance learning. They only accredit TEFL/TESOL courses – so you know that they are specialists in what they do.

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