70 hour Teaching ESOL course launch

70 hour Teaching ESOL course launch

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Blog

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Christian TEFL is pleased to announce the launch of a new 70 hour Teaching ESOL course.

Aimed at new teachers or qualified practitioners who would like a short refresher course, this programme of online studies gives you the chance to understand and learn the needs of the modern ESOL learner in the UK today.

The course focuses on helping those at the lower end of English learning, who may have very minimal language capability, and it is suitable for those seeking to teach refugees, asylum seekers, or any cut off within our society because of a lack of English ability.

Designed to be very practical, with links to books, materials and resources for all the basic skills, the course looks specifically at the functional everyday language that second language speakers need to survive, from filling, to going to the doctors, or even asking for something in a shop. The practical nature of the course is intended to be of specific help to those running English language classes, English language cafes or easy access bible studies. The specific focus of the first part of the course is on enabling learners to function and engage within their local communities.

The course continues on to look at how we can work with language learners who have a higher level of ability, or are seeking to pass an exam to remain in the UK, or advancing their skills to allow them to better integrate into society.

The course is available until the end of June at a special 20% discount and can be taken at your own speed with support from a personal English-language ESOL practitioner.

For further details see the 70 hour Teaching ESOL course here.


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