Christian TEFL Course Quality Confirmed

Christian TEFL Course Quality Confirmed

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Blog

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The results of the Christian TEFL 2019 audit report are here, and it’s super news for our staff and trainees…

The accreditation body ACTDEC which is one of the most established UK online TESOL accrediting organisations, has just completed a comprehensive audit of Christian TEFL and its sister site, Global English TESOL, through which its online TEFL courses run.

In the November/December 2019 audit ACTDEC noted many outstanding features of course organisation and provision, as well as the way Christian TEFL and Global English look after their trainees and provide a meaningful and supportive training experience.

Course quality and structure*
Specific comments on course structure from our own trainees were picked out by the auditor to underline our commitment to delivering excellent online programmes. These included the ease of navigation, course variety and pace and the logical flow of material. The interactive course versions were easy to follow and in manageable sized pieces.

Tutor and post-course support
The audit particularly points out the quality and depth of tutor support stating:

“… one gets the impression that tutors genuinely care about their students, and invariably go above and beyond just answering the student’s question – they provide additional advice, useful links, and solutions to problems.”

We are delighted that our tutors’ efforts have been recognised in this way and singled out for particular praise. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

On opportunities for our trainees upon course completion, the auditor remarked:

“Where the CT website really shines is in its efforts to provide placements and jobs for its graduates through partner organisations. The Mission Placements tab currently offers over 40 placements and jobs.”

The final statement in the auditor’s extensive 25 page report concludes that the organisation:

“has worked hard on ensuring a varied range of assessment tasks, consistency of marking, and fostering excellent tutor-student relationships, as well as providing outstanding and inclusive service for all their clients.”

We are so encouraged by the depth of this report and its findings. Whether you are an existing or prospective Christian TEFL trainee, we hope you feel reassured that when you choose a TESOL course through us, you are in good hands.

* The audit did not include a review of the 70 hour Teaching ESOL course as it is outside the scope of current ACTDEC’s TEFL remit. We are looking to get this accredited by ACTDEC as soon as possible in 2020.


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