Christian TEFL partners with ECM

Christian TEFL partners with ECM

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Blog

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Christian TEFL is pleased to announce that it is now working alongside European Christian Mission (ECM).

Kees Postma, EMC Short Term Missions Coordinator, comments:

“ECM believes that Europe needs the Gospel. For centuries the centre of Christendom, Europe is the only continent where Christianity is in decline. Many years of secularisation, immigration and rising standards of living have replaced faith in God with a multiplicity of different beliefs and lifestyles. Europe has become a complex multicultural and multireligious continent. A continent full of challenges. ECM’s mission is to plant and develop churches throughout Europe. Church planting is our strategy for Europe because only through loving communities can Europe really experience transformational change.

We are thankful for the partnership with ChristianTEFL as we are looking for TEFL teachers to serve within our churchplants in Hungary and Poland.”

You can find out more about ECM via the video below.

Update 2020:

Christian TEFL had the pleasure of partnering with European Christian Mission (ECM) from 2016-2020. ECM ceased to offer opportunities for English language teaching in 2020, so sadly our partnership has ended, but we wish ECM every blessing for continued gospel outreach within Europe.


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