Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Blog

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English language teaching is a good way of starting and building relationships.

Our thanks to WEC International for this great story – and a reminder that whatever we are doing, we should do it all for the glory of God…

In some Muslim or communist countries, teachers may not have the freedom to share their faith directly in a classroom, but there are still many ways to have an influence. A demonstration of Christian values can be pivotal in the lives of students. One English language centre in Asia found this to be true when they engaged with a student, who arrived in class with her hand heavily bandaged.

She had been helping with the family business and trapped her hand in some equipment, injuring it so badly that her family wanted to have the limb amputated. The girl’s father did not want to spend money on medical help for his daughter because she was female, and therefore culturally less valuable and not worth the cost of a trip to the doctor. However, teachers at the language centre stepped in and worked with the family to arrange for the girl to see a doctor, who was able to do a simple operation and save the hand.

The student discovered that she was valued by the team at the centre, and by God, even though her own father did not value her. News of what happened spread through that community and as a result, the reputation and credibility of the language centre was dramatically raised. An influential centre like this one can then become a platform to reach into the surrounding area.

This interaction with students and the wider community enables Christian teachers to establish familiarity and trust, giving weight to their words, actions and beliefs; at the same time they are opening doors for themselves and their colleagues to share their faith.

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