Enter English course goes global

Enter English course goes global

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Blog

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Enter English course goes global

We are thrilled to announce that the Enter English course goes global from today. This means it’s available to anyone teaching English to refugees and asylum seekers, no matter where you are in the world.

The course is 10 hours in duration, with an additional four recorded webinars to watch at specific parts of the course. It’s self-study, online, but comes with access to a course tutor and technical support if you need it. You’ll need to be working with a refugee or asylum seeker, helping them learn English, or hosting a refugee in you home. You can find out more about the course here.


Praise for the Enter English course 

With over 150 people now enrolled onto the course, we are starting to get some really helpful feedback from completers. We have compiled some of the end of course comments below:

“When I started volunteering, I was very much out of my comfort zone. I’d have enjoyed the practical help offered from the interviews and the list of other resources to use. Now, having completed this course, I feel much more confident and feel I can contribute so much more, finding myself thinking all the time about the activities I can plan.”

“I enjoyed listening to the interviews with the teachers. They have given me the confidence to step out and have a go at helping my Ukrainian friends learn English. They were all so positive and inspiring.”

“I feel much more equipped to begin helping with the refugees here in Colwyn Bay and have enjoyed the format of the course, which I was a little daunted with to begin, as I am not at all academic. Using stories and video interviews to learn was very enjoyable.”

“As someone who has a language-teaching background but is new to teaching English and new to interacting with refugees, I just found the whole thing really helpful and a good guide to get me started.”

So this course can be helpful for you, whether you are starting out or have been volunteering for some time already. It can help give you insights into your learners, their needs and the practical issues they face when learning English.

What trainees have found most helpful 

We asked people what was most helpful on the course. Many really appreciated the course time flexibility, as you have up to 60 days to complete from registration. However, people also appreciate the support with English grammar. Again, here’s a selection of comments:

“It was very helpful that I could stop and start when I needed to. I found the insights into other languages extremely interesting.”

Having been reassured that I was right to teach my Ukrainian friend the verbs “to be, to go and to have” to start with.  It has been very useful to learn that there is no present tense of “to be” in Ukrainian. Also, happy that I have taught 3rd person singular as being different.”

“I like the different methods like the videos, quizzes, recaps etc. I appreciated the length of the modules – not too short or long although the grammar obviously took quite a while to complete.”

“The video clips of teaching in practice are most helpful, seeing teaching modelled – and the explanations around learning language difficulties for Ukrainians.”

“The course made me aware of aspects of spoken English that I had never really thought about e.g., present simple and continuous… also, very useful ideas and encouragement on holding conversations. Put some of it into practice yesterday with a very beginning learner and held a short conversation in English… 😊

Heartwarming comments  

Finally, it’s good to know there is a lot of additional free help out there after the course. Here are some final takeaways we love:

“A really doable course. Just the right amount of information. It’s a very well-structured course. I liked its holistic approach to working with refugees.”

I have taken ages over the final section because I wallowed in the plethora of resources available so thank you for those!”

“Everything was helpful but one thing I won’t forget is when you teach refugees just keep smiling; it makes them feel safe and at home and even if they won’t understand you. Never give up and just use simple words for them to understand.”


We are thrilled that so many of you working with refugees have found the course helpful. Please keep telling others about it – wherever they are in the world!

You can see details on the course here >>

For a limited time, pick up a free enrolment code here >>

Watch a sample video from the course with teacher Sophie below, on teaching English to refugees in Devon.



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