ESOL teaching & outreach in Bradford, UK

ESOL teaching & outreach in Bradford, UK

by | May 4, 2021 | Blog

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At Christian TEFL we don’t always get to hear about the outcomes of our training. So, imagine our delight when this email popped into our inbox recently! Judith from a church in Bradford emailed us to outline how God is using English language teaching to reach non-native English speakers locally. Also find out the latest new English word that one of the students has learned!

If you are involved in ELT outreach, we hope this inspires you as well.

Judith writes:

“A quick update of what God is doing here in Bradford.

Jim has started the new Farsi speakers class in person at H. House. They had around eight for the first one on Monday and are going to split it between beginners and intermediate.

Judith will help him, as will as a lady called Rose, who is with us for a few months working with the asylum seekers and refugees. She also speaks Farsi.

Jim shared in church last Sunday about what we are doing. It was very moving and challenging especially, when he told us of one of the guys who he went for a walk with and who was so happy to be outside as most days he just sits in the hotel room on his own.

Two of our Brazilian ladies have brought their children to the family services we were having on Saturday mornings. We hope to invite them to church this Sunday as we will start having kids groups again.

One of them also came to an Easter concert we had on Easter Sunday. We sent them all an Easter card and a booklet called ‘The Way to Life’ in Portuguese.

Leticia works for a Brazilian lady who has a cleaning company and she was able to get one of the ladies a job with her. So she now sees her every week and can chat in Portuguese and English. She is also helping this family to find somewhere to live as at the moment they are sharing a small back to back house with another family!

Yesterday we were teaching them about going to a café and ordering food. I had arranged to meet some of the mums from church at a café, so took one of the Brazilian ladies too and she ordered a coffee and a scone. Scone was a new word and food for her. So she got to hear and speak with the other mums from church. Leticia and her husband hope to invite them for a barbecue soon.

So can you see what God is doing? Praise God.

Hope this encourages you.



I am sure you will agree that it’s really inspiring to hear about what this church is doing. The Farsi speakers, how Jim (one of the teachers) has shared experiences with the wider church, the Brazilian ladies coming to services, the follow-up with the leaflet and how Leticia (another teacher) is helping so specifically using her language and gifts.

What fruit this church are seeing! We hope and pray this will be an encouragement to all involved in Bradford and to everyone looking to reach out with teaching and ultimately the Good News message.

This partner church has trained through Christian TEFL and we provide ongoing support, materials, prayer and teaching guidance. If your church would benefit from support, discover more here >>

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