Exeter International English Café 2023

Exeter International English Café 2023

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Blog

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What’s new at the Exeter International English Café?

A new term starts at the Exeter International English Café this week.  But before we launch in to what’s coming up in 2023, it’s been great looking back over the last term.


Last term at the café

We welcomed a speaker from Citizen’s Advice Exeter, who helped point us towards support that was available for refugees, asylum seekers and BNO’s newly arrived in Exeter. A local accountant came to visit the café and explained the tax and benefits system in the UK, and a driving instructor helped us with the rules of the road, and who has right of way at roundabouts!

We covered topics on the do’s and don’ts of ordering in a restaurant English, what some terms of British slang mean, and enjoyed festivals and celebrations, including a bonfire night display (it didn’t rain!). We even did a blindfold food sampling to learn adjectives of taste! Ugh! Over 80 people sat down to a Devon cream tea (cream first, then jam).

Just before Christmas we welcomed the Rev’d Chris Keane to outline some of the Christmas traditions here in the UK and what the season actually means to Christians.  Then 90 packed in to enjoy traditional British Christmas dinner.

Café survey 2022

At the end of the term, the one hundred different internationals who have visited café since September were invited to complete a survey. 96% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with this statement:

“I feel the international café has helped me feel more optimistic and positive about living in the UK.”

Eighty eight percent of respondents said:

“I feel the international café has given me more confidence to interact with people regularly.”

It certainly seems like the Exeter International English café has come a long way since March 2022!

Looking forward to a new term

This year we’re looking forward to welcoming people back with an international “bring and share” get together, where we can sample traditional foods from across the world. Then we will sweep in (or not!) the Lunar New Year, with a look at typical Lunar New Year festivities. Then we welcome a speaker on renting in the UK and how to address situations with landlords. We are really looking forward to talking about LOVE ahead of Valentine’s Day, and have a session on UK democracy, with a local Exeter councillor. So, we hope that gives you a small flavour of what’s to come.

Watch our for a webinar coming up in February on tips for running an International English café. But first, enjoy a short video below, which gives a few highlights of 2022. Great fun!

We have a plan for cafe expansion in 2023 and looking forward to welcoming even more people. If you would like to find out more, check out this the International English cafe link here. Our goal is to make Exeter a welcoming city for refugees, asylum seekers and internationals from all over the world.



  1. Roberta Craig

    Just wondering if you use a Bible-based curriculum to teach English to refugees?

    • William Bradridge

      Hello Roberta,
      At the English cafe we feature local interest speakers and cultural interest themes for internationals. Our content is secular, although the sessions often take place before a service and guests are invited to stay and attend if they wish.


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