Top 10 free internet sites for teaching English

Top 10 free internet sites for teaching English

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Blog

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Whether you want TEFL lesson ideas, English grammar help or ESL homework sites, there are a huge amount of internet resources out there to choose from.

But where to start? Well, how about right here?  Some of the teachers at Christian TEFL have come together and detailed our top 10 favourite teaching English websites.

Have a browse and see if there is something useful for your classes


1.  Onestop English has English news articles adapted from the Guardian weekly. Complete with language, discussion activities and an answer key.  Choose your story, choose the level and you have a ready-made lesson.
2.  Breaking News uses news articles and associated language quizzes with added advantage of audio (British English).
3.  It’s the listening and pronunciation activities on the British Council website that  make it worth a look.
4. The BBC‘s special learning English site. Not the easiest to navigate due, in part to the wealth of material –  but worth digging for gems like this on connected speech and the most common sound in English, the schwa.
5. Need some discussion questions in a hurry? There are questions galore here on every subject under the sun from manners to marriage at IELTS questions.
6. The University of Victoria website is one of the best ‘all under  1 roof’ grammar sites for clear and simple explanations, with self-check exercises.
7. The ego4u site is also very comprehensive and offers more than grammar.
8.  Here’s a talking dictionary to help with pronunciation – one to pass on to your students.
9.  For young learners, try English club. Do click on the link at the bottom of the page to see some other valuable sites for teaching youngsters.
10.  Handouts Online is stocked full of ready-to-go lessons, and although it is $22 per year, you get more than what you pay for, as it is so clear and easy to navigate.
If you’d like to add your own favourite sites, please add your comments and suggestions below.
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