Free online resources for English language revision

Free online resources for English language revision

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Blog

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As a teacher, you know recycling vocabulary, phrases and grammar are helpful for your students. But if you teach online, isn’t it harder to find ways to keep revision interesting?

Wouldn’t it be good to have a couple of go-to sites specifically for revising language in a fun and interactive way?

Well, there are plenty out there but researching them all takes time. So, to save you the trouble, we’ve selected two of our favourite revision-friendly sites to share with you.

 A quick word about why we’ve chosen them

 Both sites pass the no-stress test. Why? Here are three reasons:

  1. They require minimal set-up, are easy to use and navigate (who’s got time for long instructions?).
  2. Both are visually appealing or offer an interactive, responsive element (click and something happens).
  3. They are easily used for language revision/extension (They have this particular purpose).

Ready? Here are the two favourites in question:


The tagline for this great site is ‘create better lessons quicker’.  It’s certainly helped us do that! The appealing visuals and sounds (applause and ‘dings’ for the right answers) certainly make our students smile.

Wordwall will transform your phrases into fun formats such as:

  • Spin the wheel
  • Matching definition cards
  • Quiz shows
  • Memory games

This adds a pleasing game element to revision with, in some cases, points, extra bonus points, and countdowns. Simply add your words/phrases or pictures easily and choose your format. Once created, you can click between options to see what your exercise looks like in the other Wordwall formats.

There are many existing exercises, ready for you to use. You can then create five exercises for free for yourself, or pay a small monthly fee to create more.

Have a go here:


This is a simple, yet really effective website, so it is great for language revision. You just copy and paste your phrases, click ‘scramble’ and the Scramblinator will mix them up for your students to untangle.

Here’s an example:

a / it’s / great / idea / lessons / for

Check it out here:

If you can share your screen, you can use the these online in your Zoom or Skype lessons.

Do you have any go-to, easy-to-use online sites you like? We would love to know more about them, so why not share them with us in the comments section below?

Happy language revising…


    • William Bradridge

      Thanks very much – noted that the scramblinator site is now PW protected. Try this one for an alternative There are some ads but the scramble text function works.


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