Free Teaching Resources from CELT 2021

Free Teaching Resources from CELT 2021

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Blog

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It is always encouraging to meet other Christians active in ESL ministry.

So, when we attended CELT 2021 last weekend, it was great to find inspiring talks and meet with fellow educators and mission-minded Christians.

Held virtually in 2021, the Christians in English Language Teaching event meant people from all around the world could participate across two half-days. We all benefitted from a programme packed full of excellent content discovering a wealth of ideas and resources for ESL lessons.

Melina Gallo, Global Director of Distance Learning at Literacy and Evangelism International, introduced the conference to one of the standout offerings.

A complete digital bible-English curriculum for free

LEI are currently creating a whole digital English curriculum of 7 levels, called Light of the World. It comes complete with teacher “how-to” notes and integrated bible content. Presently, LEI have 50 two-hour beginner lessons written and ready to use. The lessons use PowerPoint and Video formats and incorporate songs, games and audio. Each lesson is designed to be as accessible as possible, so they are great for a range of different learning scenarios.

Uniquely, they are looking for volunteer involvement – both to write more lessons to speed up materials development (using a template, which they then edit) and to download and use the material and then feedback to LEI.  This means all the material is currently free to use. If you are interested in downloading these materials, you can register here.

Thanks, LEI, for this valuable contribution to ESL ministry. We will follow the materials rollout with interest.

CELT 2021 was an eye-opener. We just want to thank the organisers CELEA for putting on such a worthwhile programme. In upcoming blogs we will highlight other CELT 2021 inspirational talks and resources.

It was also a treat to meet former and current Christian TEFL trainees at CELT. Thanks for stopping by our virtual booth to say hello. We hope you got as much out of the weekend as we did.

New Spotlight courses coming soon…

We have two new, short Christian TEFL Zoom ‘Spotlight’ courses coming soon. Watch out for Teaching English Using the Bible and Involving the Whole Church in ESOL Missional Outreach.

Email us to get on our early-bird list.

Would you like to find further Bible-based materials? Check out this link to our post on resources for ESL material based around the Bible here.


  1. Lucy Rutledge

    Thank you so much for sharing this and it was great to connect at the conference!

  2. William Bradridge

    Great to see you there Lucy. Hope it was as helpful for you as it was for us!


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