Could you teach English online?

Could you teach English online?

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Blog

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English teaching online is a relatively recent and growing area of the ELT industry. The combination of faster broadband speeds, better access to technology and busy lives has led to growing demand in this sector.

If either teaching from home or having a part-time income whilst overseas appeals, then teaching English online could be for you. Discover the English teaching essentials below and learn how to get started.

Who is recruiting and what is involved?

Big companies like Tutorabc (huge across Asia), Telelangue, ISUS, and Globalenglish.
There are plenty more springing up, too.

Being a native speaker with a TEFL qualification is usually a prerequisite. You can also expect a test of your broadband speed and you will need a good headset and possibly webcam on your computer.

Tip: If possible, include a short voicefile with your CV/resume.

Ordinarily you will use the company’s bespoke online platform to teach 1-1 or to small groups for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Material is usually provided and there is an emphasis on spoken communication and fluency rather than grammar.


Common themes for lessons are films, culture, food and topical news. Business English and exam English are also in demand. While lessons can feel conversational in nature, it is wise to remember not to speak too much about yourself – after all, it is your student’s practice time. Instead, ask questions that encourage your students to speak. Correcting is important but must be done sensitively.

There will be a small amount of administration, usually in the form of writing a lesson summary after each lesson.
What is the pay like?

Pay ranges widely from £7 to around £12 per hour for big companies. There are often bonuses for teaching specialist English, for teaching more than 1 person at a time and for receiving good student reviews. If freelancing, you can charge around £15-£20 per hour depending on your market.

Advantages of teaching English online:

  • You can usually set the hours you want to teach. This means online teaching can help finance mission/voluntary English teaching since you can fit your online work around other areas of your life.
  • Pay goes further if you live in certain countries. For example, one TEFL graduate lives on a Thai Island and only teaches English online a few hours a day but is able to live comfortably on this income.
  • You will have experience to add to a CV and in this emerging sector.
  • You do get to meet some amazing people from all across the world without leaving home. I run a small English online English teaching business and still keep my hand in with a bit of teaching. I’ve had the same Greek student for years and she’s become like a friend.

Are there Christian Online English companies?

Not paying ones as far as we are aware at the time of writing. If you know of any, please comment below.
However, with a bit of experience, why not freelance on Skype, networking locally and via Christian Facebook groups and Linked-in pages?

What TEFL course would you recommend?

Our online 120 hour Classic TEFLrun through the Global English TESOL website, covers all the essential TEFL methodology, provides cost-effective, accredited training and is also valid for classroom teaching.

Through our sister organisation, Global English TESOL, we have a range of follow-on specialist courses. Take a look at these here.

If you add any specialist courses on to your main TEFL, then you’ll receive an additional 10% off the total at checkout.


For more information about online English teaching, training courses or any aspect of TEFL, email Louisa at Christian TEFL or phone: 01392 346 555


  1. Angela H

    I would like to know more about the training and how I can teach. I have a two year degree and taught for 11 years

    • William Bradridge

      Thanks Angela. We have emailed you with details on our courses. Do please get in touch if we can be of any help and support with training.


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