Christian TEFL announces new courses for 2022

Christian TEFL announces new courses for 2022

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Blog

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New courses for 2022

Christian TEFL is delighted to announce our new courses for 2022 are nearly ready.

We have reworked our course content to meet the new English language teaching environment we live in so that you can be a more effective and competent English language teacher. The courses contain both classroom and online teacher training. This means that they are practical for any new English language teachers who need to be comfortable working both in class and online.

All courses start from the beginning, assuming no teaching or grammar knowledge. Simply choose the level and depth of coverage that’s best for you.


New TEFL Classic 120-hour course

100% online, you train at your own pace for maximum flexibility, alongside personal tutor support and feedback. This course blends classroom-based teaching with online English teaching techniques. You’ll watch actual teaching on our YouTube channel, so you’ll get the best of both worlds. We have built a brand new “notes” feature into the student dashboard, where you will have the option to engage in reflective learning as you progress. Everything you need to start teaching English effectively.

For a well-rounded first qualification, this is a great choice, accredited to ACTDEC Level 3 and an option to upgrade to the ACTDEC Level 4 at any time via our sister organisation Global English TESOL.


New TEFL Worldwide 250-hour course

The teachers’ choice for career-minded English teachers. Go further, dig deeper and build your confidence. This course Includes some fantastic areas for teacher professional development including:

  • Online English teaching – optimise Zoom and manage online classes, and set up as an independent online English teacher.
  • Advanced Classroom Management – how to teach beginners and mixed ability classes.
  • Inclusion in TEFL, supporting learners with special needs or disabilities (SEND).
  • All about IELTS – learn about this popular exam and how to teach it effectively.
  • Phonetics – how to help your learners improve their spoken English.
  • Linguistics – appreciate the influence of English as a global language.
  • Advanced learner assessment – design valid and reliable tests for your students and manage student progress effectively.
  • Professional development – become a reflective teacher to improve your teaching, develop the skills to self-evaluate as a professional English teacher.
  • Current ethical issues in ELT – where are we going in TEFL today? Learn about AI, learner identity, and the bilingual education vs ESL debate.

This course stands out on a CV or resume so you can start your teaching career with confidence. It’s fully accredited to ACTDEC Level 5 and provides more depth, breadth and TEFL know-how than any other online Level 5 TEFL course today.

Coming soon…

New courses will be available from mid-February 2022. Which one of our new courses for 2022 will you choose? Get in touch to chat about the best option for you.

Already TEFL trained but interested in the new material we have developed? Then we have more good news! Watch out for our specialist teacher development course coming soon.

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