Our 20-lesson beginner English worksheets are here

Our 20-lesson beginner English worksheets are here

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Blog

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We’re often asked to recommend ready-to-go lesson material for English beginners.

As a result, we’ve:
* scoured the internet to produce a handy list of A1/material links
* blogged on approaches to teaching English to beginners
* and now, finally, we’ve produced our own 20-lesson beginner English worksheets PDF pack.


So, why have we produced our own beginners material?

Many of you teaching English online, from churches and privately, have told us there was still a need for really simple, straightforward lessons. Ones that start at the basics (literally with ‘Hello!’),  require minimal preparation, little teaching expertise and which could easily be used online.

So, we set to work.

The result is our 20 lesson PDF pack, ideal for teens or adult English learners at beginner/A1 level. Are they glamorous or whizzy?  No, but we have designed each lesson to be really easy to use. You can share onscreen, or else print for use in class. They work with groups or one-to-one. Using ‘listen and repeat’ methodology, the focus is on getting your students using essential, functional English quickly and simply.

Save hours of prep time, too.

Extras included our 20-lesson beginner English worksheets pack

We’ve included links to some short training videos in the pack so you can get the most out of the lessons.

Plus, there are links to optional extra videos and exercises to help consolidate and extend the themes.

Do they work in real life?

I’ve been using some of them with my private one-to-one learners online and they’ve worked very well indeed. It’s surprising how quickly you can get beginners speaking with the right material and approach.

Judith Dyson, teaching from her Church in Bradford thinks so, too:

‘”We have been using the 20-lesson beginner English worksheets with our group of 3 Brazilian women (online) and they have been so useful. You really can just click and go with them – they are that easy.

The topics have all been relevant to the beginners and have helped them in their everyday life situations. For example, we had just used the one about giving contact details and one of the women had to ring 111 and was asked for her name, address, and phone number, so she was able to do this clearly because we had covered it in the lesson.

They are a great mix of reading, listening, writing, grammar and vocabulary…they sparked off more conversation and made for fun and interesting lessons.”


What next?

See Louisa showing how to introduce one of the worksheets below or via this link on YouTube.

Get your 20-lesson beginner English worksheets pack for only £20 >> today!


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