Resources for creating successful ESL lessons part 2

Resources for creating successful ESL lessons part 2

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Blog

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We often get asked for links to ESL lesson material that is based on the Bible.
So in this second of a three part series on useful material for our English classes, we have outlined some of the most accessible below with a short description. 
We hope you find these links useful for your students.


1. English in Action
Bible picture stories with key vocabulary: ideal for lower level learners. Available via Amazon although it may be wise to invest additionally in the teacher’s book to get the best out of the material. Not cheap but covers a whole approach to teaching. Student book:

2. From Beginning to End
10 Bible-based reading lessons free via PDF with ESL tasks and discussion questions; from Adam and Eve to the resurrection with a final summary lesson:
Teacher PDF:
Student PDF:

3. NIRV (New International Readers Version)
Simplified English Bible:

4. EasyEnglish
Bible, book overviews, commentaries using a 1200-word vocabulary: level A, or 2800 words level B:

5. Literacy and Evangelism International
A training and publication organisation based in the USA aiming to equip Christians to help with literacy through the Bible. Various handbooks to buy as digital downloads:

6. The Jesus film: Magdalena Ð through her eyes
shows Jesus through a woman’s eyes. There are more Christian resources around women on the site. Part of a larger project ‘The Jesus Film’ and available to watch in different languages.

7. The Visa course
Friends International adapted Christianity Explored course for internationals. Student and teacher book available cheaply:

8. Spotlight
Audio broadcast. ‘Light’ Christian theme. Ideal for improving listening skills and for further discussion. Skype English clubs have been set up around them:
Spotlight English

9. TalkEnglish
Brings learners and Christians together so learners can practise English through the Bible. To access materials, you will need to register as an instructor. Looks a little complex to get started?

10. The prodigal son
Modern story for advanced learners on the Faithpal blog:

11. ESL holiday lessons
This is on Pancake day. Links to other celebrations can be found but are less well linked to Christian foundations:

12. Good Book Blog Gospel illustrations. Intended for children, but very visual and can be adapted for language learners:

13. Christianity Explored Universal: a simplified international version of the Christianity Explored course for internationals. An inexpensive workbook based on the Gospel of Mark:

14. What do different faiths believe?
A short, overview finishing with why Christianity is different:

We link to these sites and explain more about how to use the bible as a basis for ESL classes  in our Teaching English in Church guide. It’s available as an eBook or paperback on Amazon.


We hope you enjoy all that these resources have to offer and we’ll try to keep this page updated. Found a broken link?  Please let us know at:

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