Teaching English to Beginners Free Webinar

Teaching English to Beginners Free Webinar

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Blog

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Here’s an opportunity to join us on our teaching English to Beginners Free Webinar!

Do you teach English to beginners?

  • Maybe you’ve not taught them yet, but you’d like to know how? 
  • Could you do with some tips, techniques, and material ideas?
  • Do you want to feel more confident leading online or in-class beginner lessons?
  • Do you want to discover ways to get your low-level learners to speak English quickly?

 Then why not join us on our one hour Teaching English to Beginners Free Webinar (40 minutes + 20 minute Q&A)?

Online English teacher and materials creator Louisa Walsh will be leading a practical “how to teach beginners” workshop, as well as introducing her new 20-lesson, no-fuss beginner worksheets.   

The focus is on getting students to speak and use everyday functional English, so it’s ideal if you are teaching English to refugee and asylum seekers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • use simple techniques that work with beginners, like repetition and back-chaining
  • get learners speaking useful English quickly
  • engage and motivate learners
  • keep lessons moving
  • minimise lesson preparation time 
  • optimise your online or in-class beginner lessons
  • build teaching confidence

 Whether you are an experienced teacher or an ESOL/TEFL novice, this is for you if you want to build up some confidence and expertise in teaching at this demanding level. 

They’ll be time for Q&A at the end, so please do come with questions, which we will try to answer!


Enjoy a free gift and a unique discount offer
 as a thank you for joining us at the end of our session together.

How to book your free Zoom place:

Simply submit your name below or email us at with your choice of date to book your free webinar place:

Thursday 16th September: 19.00 – 20.00 UK

Repeated Saturday 18th September: 09.00 – 10.00 UK



    What a helpful and generous idea. Thank you.

  2. Jo Saunders

    Hi, Please can you add me to this webinar?

  3. Forest Hodges

    Hey … Joining the Thursday 16th September: 19.00 – 20.00 UK webinar … Coming from the USA and the best that I can tell is that translates into 12 noon – 1pm USA/CST … Looking forward to seeing all!

  4. Emmanuel Lussambo

    I’d would like to book the free webinar on September 16, 2021.

  5. Elizabeth O'Loughlin

    Apologies but in my previous email where I signed up to the course, I neglected to tell you that I will be joining on Sat 20th September. xx Liz

  6. Mrs M Court

    I’d like to book Saturday, 18th September please. Thank you,

  7. Christine french

    Hi I’m interested in this!

  8. Zoe Williamson

    Saturday 18 Sept please

  9. Gail Dodds

    Hi William and Louisa,
    I would like to book a place on the Beginners’ Webinar Thursday 7 – 8pm,
    Gail Dodds

  10. Rebekah Jones

    Please sign me up for this webinar on Saturday 18th September at 9am!
    Thank you,

  11. Sarah Hobson

    Thursday 16th please

  12. Judith Dyson

    Thurs 16th please

  13. David Timothy

    I would like to attend the webinar on Saturday 18th September at 9am

  14. Eleanor Timothy

    I would like to join you on Thursday 16th September

  15. Sophie Gower

    Please may I join the webinar on Thursday 16th 7.00-8.00pm?

  16. Marion Allison

    Can I sign up for the free webinar on Thursday 16 September, please?

  17. Tuzzle Mulenga

    Hi, I would like to attend the Saturday one, thanks!

  18. Duncan Stillman

    Want to join free webinar

  19. William Bradridge

    Thanks everyone. We had over 30 people join us last evening for Louisa’s webinar, looking forward to more tomorrow Saturday morning. Remember to bring a spoon!


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