TEFL Course Accreditation Upgrade

TEFL Course Accreditation Upgrade

by | Sep 18, 2013 | Blog

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Just announced Ð some important changes to our ACTDEC accredited courses

ACTDEC, the independent body that accredits our TEFL courses, has decided to upgrade all course levels.  It has published the new course levels on its site, active with immediate effect.

This means that ACTDEC accredited Christian TEFL courses have been re-levelled as follows:

* 250 hour Advanced Level 5 (formerly level 3)
* 120 hour TEFL premier Level 3 (formerly level 2)
* 70 hour quick start TEFL Level 2  (formerly level 1)

Why we welcome ACTDEC’s decision
This is good news because the new levels:

* More accurately reflect the work undertaken by students
* Are more in line with other nationally understood benchmarks, such as NVQ levels in the UK
* Better promote course quality to employers and trainees

New Certification
All Christian TEFL trainees graduating after from 10th September 2013 will have the option to purchase an ACTDEC certificate at the new levels.

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