I’m an EFL teacher and missionary in South East Asia

I’m an EFL teacher and missionary in South East Asia

by | Mar 26, 2012 | Blog

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Thinking of volunteering with Interserve? Here are some stories from two people who have done it! Interserve have shared with us some stories from their volunteers, which you can read below:

One of workers is Pam, serving in South East Asia, who writes:

Since the beginning of the new academic year in August I am teaching just one session each week at the prison. I now have 16 young men.

Prison is a violent place Ð a few weeks ago all the students were absent as the guards did a thorough search after weapons were found. At my last session two of my students had injuries Ð one with bruises around the neck (hand prints actually) and another with a number of large wounds to the head and neck. I am worried about him because his speech was slurred and very slow.

Please pray for them all. Please remember Pich (a nick-name that means Diamond) who has just been released. He was my best English speaker, a very bright young man of 21. He would like to go to university but his family do not have any money. I am praying that he can find a good job and settle down well to life outside.

Also Kezia (not her real name), a young woman who has joined a local Bible class. Her husband was involved in burglary and when the police raided the house she was arrested. She is serving 3 years although her husband was not prosecuted. Kezia is bewildered about what has happened and miserable about being in prison but she wants to know about Jesus.


Here is another story from the same region:

Recently, one of workers was offered the position of centre manager at the English language centre in the capital city of this south Asian country. We asked for time to pray and seek counsel as our hearts have always been for the rural South. It felt like our hearts were breaking and we realised we could only commit to the capital if Father changed our hearts in a massive way.

Prayer is powerful because subsequently God gave us three amazing opportunities to engage with people in a powerful way on the outskirts of the city. We also ran into many tribal people who had come to the city for study and work. It was God’s confirmation!

Although we will be based in the capital, He will provide opportunities for us with people in outlying villages.


Daniel is also working with Interserve…

Christmas also provided great opportunities in Daniel’s language school as teachers shared songs and stories in English with the students and the nativity was performed by students at the end of term party. We also had a Christmas party at our house where we showed a short clip of the nativity with someone even asking for a copy of the DVD. This has spurred us on to thinking and planning for Easter.

Daniel runs a fortnightly meeting to study the good book and sing songs in English and the local language. Daniel is grateful for some help in running this and there has been some good feedback.

If you would like to volunteer to work with Interserve, find out about some of the positions they have available on our Mission Placement pages.


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