Three Church ESOL training programmes launched

Three Church ESOL training programmes launched

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Blog

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We have some great news! Christian TEFL has launched a new ESOL teacher training programmes in three UK locations, thanks to the help and support of Christian mission funding.

William Bradridge, who has co-written our new 70 hour online ESOL course with CT tutor Denise Parker, received a very warm welcome at all venues; St Leonards in Exeter, Antioch in Colwyn Bay (picture right) and Sunbridge Road Mission in Bradford (picture below). Each church is in a different setting; St Leonards is in a bustling university city in the southwest, Antioch is in the centre of a North Wales coastal town and the Sunbridge Road Mission is located in a diverse multicultural city in the north of England.

Each ESOL programme commences with an in-church seminar, which William has delivered to teams of Christians within each church eager to be trained to teach English, so that they can better serve immigrant and refugee communities in their areas.

The half-day seminars looked at how the need for English teaching to immigrants is growing in the UK as government support has decreased dramatically the recent years. The seminars introduced the main themes for the course and enabled participants to commence their studies. They got to engage with their course tutor online, watch class videos of ESOL in action and analyse some of the essential approaches to the teaching of English here in the UK.

As part of this programme, 19 Christians across the 3 churches have enrolled and have started progressing through the online courses. As candidates move towards the end of the online component, they are invited to attend a second seminar, which will look at specific ESOL outreach opportunities in their location.

The seminars are just part of the ESOL outreach training programme. Funding from the Westhill Endowment Trust, the Souter Charitable Trust and Exeter Cathedral has enabled the writing and delivery of the programme, which includes:

  • online ESOL training for Christians at each church
  • two in-church seminars
  • English teaching materials
  • back-up and support whilst training
  • follow up support and assistance as churches initiate classes at different levels

The aim is equip Christians with a heart for reaching and teaching with the skills they need to be effective in their role.

Once candidates have completed their training, churches will then decide what form their outreach should take. Autonomy in this area is important since each location is very different and the churches know their communities best. Typical ESOL outreach programmes are often church café style set ups, more formal English classes or else involve learning English through bible-based lessons. Additionally, 1-1 specific tuition and classes aimed at helping learners pass an exam, such as the Cambridge IELTS Life Skills, so they can gain a qualification to support a right to remain in the UK, are also options.

However each church chooses to reach and teach, we are extremely grateful to God for his provision and that so many Christians have decided to step out in faith to train with Christian TEFL and then serve in this way. We invite you to join us as we pray for these three churches and for all Christians involved in English teaching ministry.


If English teaching outreach to disadvantaged communities is something your church might be interested in, please contact William today at


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