Three reasons for ESOL outreach for churches

Three reasons for ESOL outreach for churches

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Blog

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There are many ways to reach people for Christ. However, we believe English teaching is unique as an outreach tool, providing a distinct and potentially very effective platform for reaching people for Christ.

Here are three reasons why.

1. International communities need English

Do you live in a multi-ethnic locality? How can you reach such a diverse community group?

For many internationals, English is the means to get on, get educated, and integrate. So if your church can offer English classes, either in-person or online, it’s a huge draw. What an opportunity. Be prepared to welcome a variety of faiths and nationalities, and possibly a large number of people, too.

2. English classes give you time to build relationships

Unlike flower shows, sports quizzes, or special guest services (great though they are), church-based English classes will likely be a regular weekly event in the life of an English learner.

Learners may come for years, which presents the amazing God-given opportunity of time; time to build relationships with your learners and get to a point where you can share the gospel naturally.

3. The nature of ESOL itself

The methodology behind teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages promotes using English to share ideas, worldviews, and personal lives. The best classes are interactive and get students to speak right from the start.

This means that Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is person-centred and communicative. As a result, you will get to know a great deal about your students, their life, families, culture, and traditions. Your students may well be interested in your views and opinions, too.

So as you can see, teaching English is that unique bridge into your students’ lives, their concerns, their hopes, and their beliefs. With such trust and openness established, there will be opportunities to share yours, too.


We’ve been so encouraged by how God is working through churches and using English teaching as an outreach ministry. Discover inspirational stories from Brazil, Wales, London, and Bradford.


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