Using English for Outreach

Using English for Outreach

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Blog

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How can we use English for Outreach in our classes?

If you teach English classes, lead or participate in an international café, or simply engage in befriending internationals in your community, how do you take the first steps to introduce Jesus to them? Come and join us on a new webinar on how we can use English for outreach. We’ll explore how to introduce the Christian faith into English classes. How we can speak about faith generally and find opportunities to share what we believe with our English language learners.

This Zoom webinar will provide you with ideas and suggestions, whatever type of programme you are running.

Co-Missions Cross-cultural Co-ordinator Mark Vernon will share how his team uses the Bible in their London-based international café.  Rachel Chard, Friends International Head of Hard to Reach, will offer her experience on how to introduce the gospel when working with international students. William Bradridge, co-leader at St Leonard’s International Café, will describe how we use a secular event to encourage befriending and outreach to internationals in the local community in Exeter.

We will also make sure there is a time for questions and answers during the session. Participants will have access to a resource sheet with ideas for classes, cafés or simple conversations with internationals.

Come and learn from the experiences of other Christians involved in English language outreach ministry. Webinar time and date: Tuesday 24th May, 7.00 – 8.15 PM.

Hosted by Christian TEFL, this is suitable for anyone interested in learning how to share their faith simply and practically.

Tickets are available now…

Purchase a single ticket or up to 5 for members of your church. All tickets priced at: £5 – proceeds to Friends International and Christian TEFL ESOL Outreach

FINAL FEW TICKETS AVAILABLE –  Purchase your ticket here >>




  1. Forest Hodges

    Hey there William … As always, I trust that today finds you doing well … This “Using English for Outreach” sounds really interesting … Plus it falls on my birthday – May 24 … Tell me more, like specifically when – time and date – I can catch this in the USA / EST … Many blessings and much thanks!

  2. William

    Great to hear from you Forest. In the UK the event will be at 19.00 and we are currently on GMT + 1. So we are 5 hours ahead of Eastern time (e.g. NYC) and 8 hours ahead of Pacific time (e.g. California).
    Hope you can make it, promises to be a good learning experience for all of us.


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