Who takes a Christian TEFL course?

Who takes a Christian TEFL course?

by | Jan 10, 2013 | Blog

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It has been over 7 months since we launched and we thank God for those willing to serve and for our mission partners who are furthering the work of the Gospel through teaching English.

But who is a typical Christian TEFL trainee? The answer is we don’t think there is one! Our youngest trainee is just 16 and our oldest is 67 ¬†and we are working alongside trainees in the UK, Finland, USA, Brazil, Korea, and Kenya. Phew!

Our trainees at the moment tend to be one of the following:

* Future missionaries wishing to teach and serve abroad
* Existing missionaries who see a need to learn English amongst the people they serve
* Those who want an accredited online TEFL certificate from a trusted provider so they can teach and earn
* Volunteer teachers of English in local churches or community groups who want to gain more confidence and skills
* People who have not got the time to invest in an onsite course but who still want quality training

One thing many of our trainees have in common is that they have not taught before and if this sounds like you, perhaps this is reassuring to know. We’ll take you through the TEFL essentials step-by-step with the full support of a personal tutor for any help or advice along the way.

And if you are still considering whether TEFL is for you and want to see what it actually looks like in practice, see an example of Louisa teaching some basic vocabulary in the communicative TEFL style below. In no time at all, this could be you.

There are more examples of teaching in action in our online TEFL training courses.



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