World Refugee Day 2022

World Refugee Day 2022

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Blog

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Webinar on teaching English to beginner refugees

Monday 20th of June is World Refugee Day 2022. It is an international day to honour refugees around the world.

Christian TEFL works alongside community associations and local churches supporting refugees by providing English language teacher training. Learning English well helps refugees settle into their new communities here in the UK and access further support. On World Refugee Day, 20th June 2022, why not join us for a one hour webinar at 7 pm?

At this one hour interactive webinar, William Bradridge from Christian TEFL will preview a short new 10-hour online course and webinar series, called The Enter English Course. This course will support families hosting Ukrainian refugees and churches/community groups assisting recently arrived refugees or asylum seekers from other countries.

Launching in July 2022, Christian TEFL will train volunteers to help refugees with very basic English, so that they can settle more quickly and overcome isolation in their new communities.  Candidates will cover the basics of English teaching to help them get alongside and support newly arriving refugees in the UK. They will also discover how to access agencies that can offer further support. Funding for this course has come through Localgiving with a grant from Western Power Distribution.

What will the World Refugee Day 2022 webinar cover?

On the webinar, you will also hear from a panel of English language teachers with experience of helping refugees learn English. They will answer your questions, provide you gems of resource support and encourage you to keep going. It’s relevant for new English teachers or those wanting more help on supporting refugees with English learning.

You will gain top tips and ideas to use with your classes or if you’re working with refugees. If you would like a taster, why not watch the video below?  In part of her interview with William from Christian TEFL, Sophie Gower, volunteer English language teacher with Refugee Support Devon, answers the question “How do you establish a rapport in the first class with beginners?

Listen out for Sophie’s two useful tips on getting started. You can hear more from Sophie and meet other qualified practitioners at the webinar. There will be time for a question and answer session as well.

Tickets are £5 each and you can book yours today from here >>

We are really looking forward to seeing you at 7 pm on World Refugee Day.

All proceeds shared between Christian TEFL and Refugee Support Devon




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