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Christian TEFL Mission

Our charity’s stated objectives are ‘To advance the Christian religion, in particular through the provision of training courses to teach English as a foreign language, in order to communicate the Christian gospel in the UK and overseas.’

Our aim is to train people to teach English, so you can volunteer on short or long term placements at home or abroad, or move into paid TEFL employment in language schools or online. We can also point you towards organisations that are engaged in mission and help you get started in TEFL or ESOL teaching.

100% of our profits go towards supporting Christian mission and outreach

Christian TEFL has partnered with a number of the leading Christian mission placement organisations. Our profit goes to these charities or to ESOL teaching outreach here in the UK and trainees have the option to select where their share of our profit goes after they have registered and enrolled with us.

The trustees at Christian TEFL meet regularly to administer and distribute profits to our partner charities.

Here’s how you can help…

  1.  Buy a course from Christian TEFL
  2. Work with one of our tutors as you proceed through your training
  3. Contact one of the many service organisations listed on our website to find out about how they operate and potential opportunities for you
  4. Go serve…

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