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EFL Teacher for rural Honduras - Honduras - Paid

Americas: EFL Teacher for rural Honduras - Honduras

English teacher required to begin as soon as possible. This teaching opportunity will be with 10-15 young women who have already completed a Honduran high school education. Looking for an individual who wants to make a difference in the lives of Honduran women, who can be creative with adult learners, and who will enjoy life in a rural, off-the-grid campus in Honduras.

San Francisco Moran

Country if possible:       

Town/ city location if possible 
Near Zambrano                               

Number of TEFL/TESOL positions available:       

Start date, hours per week and length of contract/duties:

  • Start ASAP
  •  Teach two 50 minute English classes per day for 10-15 beginning students
    • The books we use are the Four Corners’ ESL curriculum by Cambridge University Press
    • Be available for one on one check-ins with students as needed throughout the week
    • A willingness to mentor, encourage and tutor students in your class and in other grades
    • Ability to collaborate with other staff members, especially the one other ESL teacher who will provide two other English classes per day to the same cohort of students

Pay and conditions

  • A monthly stipend ranges from 250-300 USD depending on experience and length of teaching commitment, we prefer one year.
  • Teachers who commit to teaching for one full year, are given an additional bonus at the end of each quarter to offset costs occurred with renewing a visa. The current requirement is that visitors must leave the country every 90 days for at least 72 hours.
  • Room and board is provided:
    • All staff live on campus in shared or private housing.
    • Three meals are provided daily, the fare is simple but healthy: beans, tortillas, eggs, chicken and fresh vegetables.
    • The school is rural, but one weekend per quarter teachers are provided with a free weekend and given free transportation to the nearest town.

Qualifications and Requirements
ESL teaching experience is highly preferred, TEFL/TESOL but we will consider comparable teaching experience or recent graduates with related bachelor or masters degrees. See Christian TEFL courses

  • The ability to plan lessons and conduct classes with a minimal amount of technology.
    • The internet access is very limited because of the remote location, so our on campus library and any books you bring will be your primary resources for lesson planning.
    • There is one projector shared by all teachers but electricity only comes from solar panels and is not always available. So most teachers must depend solely on using a dry-erase board during class.
    • Flexibility and ability to work independently.

Nationality preferred:  

Other qualifications/skills required:     

  • Candidate must be able to lift a five gallon bucket full of water (we’re off the grid and sometimes you have to bucket-flush the toilet!)
  • The ability to speak Spanish is not a requirement but is recommended for your own safety when traveling within the country of Honduras, also, because you will be working with a group of students who are not yet fluent in English.       

The organisation is both educational and ministry-minded. There are devotionals, Bible studies and church services available to students and staff throughout the week. However, no staff or student is required to be a member of any particular faith.


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