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Part-time. Teaching 15-18 hours per week children between 4-12 years old in an afterschool program that focuses on communication through fun and engaging activities. Two days off per week. Opportunities to help orphans and poor children as a ministry are available.

South East Asia



Town/ city location:

Number of TEFL/TESOL positions available:
10-30 yearly              

Start date, hours per week and length of contract/duties:           
Mid-September through early November 2017.
New openings and vacancies are available throughout the year.

Pay and conditions:
Most positions are paid, part-time positions. The hourly rate starts at $21.
Teachers have two weeks of personal days and 13 national holidays.
Visa and work permit.

Volunteer teachers are encouraged to apply as well.
They would need to raise some support from home but the school provides a monthly stipend.
For more details on volunteer opportunities or paid placements, please enquire below. 

Is there a programme fee/arrangement fee to the applicant?  
There is NO programme fee/ arrangement fee.
The only cost applicants would incur would be for the initial visa to the country and the cost of obtaining an affidavit (around $50) for the paperwork at their Consulate General or Embassy in Vietnam. 

Qualifications and Requirements
Minimum level of TESOL cert required is any TEFL certificate between 120-250 hours. If you haven't trained, you can qualify for this position with Christian TEFL here>>> BA degree and one year of TEFL teaching experience. Inexperienced teachers will receive unpaid training. 

Nationality preferred:  
US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia

These are mission placements for Christians. Applicants may be asked to sign a statement of faith.

Reference: Vietkids Enquire now

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