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Teach English in China with AIA - China - Paid

Asia - Central: Teach English in China with AIA - China

Christian EFL teachers required for paid English teaching positions in at University and K-12 in China.  Find out more about largest foreign teacher community in China! We are hiring 40+ teachers. Great benefits. 


Town/city location:                

Number of TEFL/TESOL positions available:  

Start date, hours per week and length of contract/duties:       
Mid-August 2020 for new teacher orientation at Sias University. This is required for new university teachers and optional for our partner schools.

Pay, holidays and additional benefits:
Jobs offer 2-3 months holiday to explore Asia. The holidays are a week in Fall and Spring, 5-7 weeks long in the Winter and 8 weeks off during the Summer.

  • Airfare to China 
  • Return Airfare – with completed one year contract 
  • Medical Care Allowance (up to 5000 RMB)
  • Accident Insurance 
  • Private Apartment: www.academicsinasia.com/foreign-faculty-housing
  • Internet and Utilities Paid 
  • Free Weekend Trips: www.academicsinasia.com/culture-trips
  • Paid Winter Holiday (7-8 weeks of paid holiday during term) 
  • Option to sign a 3-year contract providing an extra 2 months paid summer holiday.
  • Free Chinese Lessons 
  • Student Loan Deferment Advice
  • Starting salaries range from 6000 – 9000 RMB (900-1200 USD) a month depending on degree attained and other factors, with annual raises. (In 10 months it’s possible to save $3000 USD).
    Use this tool to estimate your savings: 

Any application fees to applicant?

No. There are no fees to apply or be employed. Optional training is suggested. It is called Long-term Impact Training (LIT). See www.academicsinasia.com/lit/

Qualifications and Requirements: 

  • Bachelor degree or higher preferred.
  • Teaching experience preferred (if you have less than 2-years teaching experience you will need a TEFL certificate). Approved Christian TEFL or similar certificates preferred.
  • We give preference to those with international experience, have a history of being a role-model to students, and are patient and flexible when cultural differences create tension or strain.
  • New employees need to be between 21-64 years old.

Nationality preferred: 
US, UK, Australian, Canadian, S. African, New Zealand or those with a neutral English accent from India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

Other qualifications (e.g. degree) or TEFL experience:           
China’s Foreign Expert Bureau requires the completion of a BA Degree.                                     

The school/organisations are not overtly Christian to the public but we are looking for Christian teachers with a heart for students and who can be witnesses to Jesus in their lives by their actions and attitudes.

For more info, see this intro videos: https://youtu.be/udueN3ubihk

Application details:

School name: Sias International University

School web address: www.academicsinasia.com
Long-term Impact Training (LIT) is available in Kansas City, USA in June and Bali, Indonesia in January.  See www.academicsinasia.com/lit

Our partner schools have their benefits listed here: http://www.jobs.academicsinasia.com/

SIAS University Benefits include: http://www.academicsinasia.com/employment/

How to apply: www.academicsinasia.com/apply-now/

Reference: Chi7 Enquire now

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