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Teach English with ReachAcross

ReachAcross can facilitate TEFL opportunities in language schools in Muslim-majority countries mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, but also in other locations where our teams are based.


Africa, Asia Central, Europe, Middle East


Job Description

Teach English with ReachAcross

If you’d like to Teach English with ReachAcross, we have up to 10 TEFL positions available at any one time.

Start date, hours per week and length of contract/duties (or various, if that is more appropriate):
Various starts throughout the year.

Volunteer, but may attract a small local salary in some locations.

Programme fee/arrangement fee:
The costs of service as a TEFL teacher vary according to location and length of service.  All our TEFL teachers are short-term or long-term mission workers who also serve local people through TEFL.  Fees are 10% of the budgeted total costs of the intended service.

About the posts:
ReachAcross serves with three language schools in Northwest and Northeast Africa, and the southern Middle East.  One is located in the Sahel, where we teach local languages and French, and more recently, English. Our largest language school is in a country bordering the Red Sea, where we teach English at various levels and hold general conversation classes.  In a third language school, English and Arabic are taught.  In addition to these language schools, there is usually opportunity to serve as a TEFL teacher in all the countries in which we serve as a mission agency reaching Muslims with the gospel.

Qualifications and requirements

Short term (e.g. one month) TEFL teachers can come with only a basic level of training, e.g. 70 hours online.  But teaching would be limited mainly to conversation classes.  Up to three months’ service, it would be best to have at least 120 hours training, and if considering longer-term service it would be preferable to have as much training as possible (e.g. 250 hours minimum). In two of our language schools the students are adults who are paying for, and expecting a high standard of teaching English and need qualifications in English to progress in their business or careers. See course list here.

Other qualification requirements (e.g., degree) or TEFL experience
No other educational qualification or experience required (but is beneficial).

Successful applicants are required to sign a statement of faith before commencing post (found on our website). Our TEFL teachers are providing this teaching element as part of their commitment to Christian mission service.  We are primarily a mission agency proclaiming the gospel among Muslims, and are therefore engaged in evangelism, discipleship and church planting through means suited to our own giftings and abilities.  All team members have this as a primary focus in daily life, and TEFL is one way we can also serve local people to help them in their practical circumstances.  A knowledge of English can lead to employment which can lift a whole family out of poverty.

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