CT 70 hour Teaching ESOL

CT 70 hour Teaching ESOL

$ 315.00

Designed by qualified and experienced ESOL practitioners, this short 70-hour course focuses on the practical elements of teaching English to speakers of other languages in the UK and how to deliver relevant, functional English lessons.  

Why this course?              

This online course contains ESOL-specific materials and videos to give you a comprehensive introduction to teaching English to second language learners. Benefit from continuous assessment as you work through set tasks and receive consistent, supportive feedback from an experienced Christian tutor. Join our online TESOL forum for ESOL, in addition to optional grammar and TESOL groups in our Facebook community.

The course analyses specific issues that learners present, particularly looking at the needs of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, and addresses how we can best support them as they seek to learn or improve their English. As with all good ESOL courses, there is a strong focus on teaching functional English for everyday life, alongside how to teach the basic skills and essential grammar ESOL students need, so you can develop effective classes for your learners.

The course leads to a Global English Introduction to ESOL certificate.

The course has been made possible thanks in part to a grant from the Westhill Endowment Trust and is fully accredited by Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses (ACTDEC) for a Level 2 accreditation.

How this interactive course works

This interactive course, built through the Global English TESOL website, is ideal if you’ve got a good broadband connection and can work entirely online via a tablet/PC/Mac. You’ll complete interactive exercises, create lesson plans and view videos and graphics that bring the course to life.


All Christian TEFL courses are open to native and non-native English speakers over 17 years old with good written and spoken English. If you are a non-native English speaker, please ask us if you are not sure about your level of English.

Christian TEFL works alongside six mission partners which reach out with the gospel through teaching English: Cambodia Action, ReachAcross, TeachBeyond, WEC International, People International, and Interserve. All profits from each course sale to support these organisations, or you can choose to bless ESOL outreach, as we work with churches supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. If you would like to bless an individual organisation with your share of profit from this course purchase, please email us after registration and we will arrange this. Otherwise, all six organisations and ESOL outreach will receive an equal share.


This course usually takes between 3-8 weeks to complete, but we go at your pace and allow up to 6 months for course completion for maximum flexibility. Some people have completed it within 14 days. Go at the speed you feel comfortable at.

Everything you require to complete the course and receive your certificate is included in the single fee above. However, check out these optional extras:

  • Additional time course extensions available if you need to go beyond 180 days
  • A Global English TESOL printed and embossed certificate posted to you (£15 UK / £20 outside)

To find out more, click on the orange visit site link above to view the course and register.

This course covers 70 hours of material in 20 short modules, using interactive HTML5 and video to present information, with trainees answering questions online. Note that material cannot be downloaded and worked on offline, but an additional Study Guide including the course content in PDF format is available here >>.

A good internet connection is needed to complete this course. For full details on course content, please visit the Global English TESOL website below.

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10 reviews for CT 70 hour Teaching ESOL

  1. Joshua Brown

    The course was easy to understand, to use and to complete. The lessons were comprehensive and I feel equipped to teach English.

  2. Leticia Coelho

    The course is very practical and easy to use. Denise, my tutor was always very encouraging and helpful with her comments.

  3. Carol Patel

    The way the course progressed ‘line upon line, precept upon precept was very helpful and helped to build confidence. The course material was presented in a clear and visually stimulating way. There were lots of useful links to videos and other helpful resources. The assignments set were of a manageable length and the tutor support was prompt and extremely helpful.

  4. Anna McLeod

    I thought the course was thorough, well-structured and helpfully broken down into manageable sections.

  5. Maureen Venning

    Well structured and practical. Quick tutor response for marking. Helpful resources.

  6. Sue Coleman

    I thought the video clips were good as it helped to see the way some of the activities worked.

  7. Valerie Stanley

    It started with basics and short student workload so as not to be daunting to those not familiar with teaching. It was informative, using videos of real life examples. I enjoyed the challenges and the clear and constructive way in which information and explanations were presented to me.

  8. Lucy Rutledge

    I have absolutely loved this course and it has inspired me to reconsider teaching! The order of the course content was really easy to follow, feedback was quick and constructive and the different perspectives brought in throughout the course helped me to think outside the box and led to more creative lesson planning and further study.
    The video content is really good and there could be more I think!

  9. Beth Plutte

    Quick and clear responses from tutor, amount of material and practicality of use- kept ESOL focus in mind. Lots of good resources for future study and use.

  10. Janet Day

    The tutors gave helpful feedback, which has helped me to think about how to improve my lesson plans and the material I choose to use in my lessons. There is a nice mixture of ESOL and Christian outreach thinking.

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