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CT Engagement Activities: Short Spotlight Course

CT Engagement Activities: Short Spotlight Course

$ 26.00

Getting the first few minutes of your lesson right helps get everything off on the right foot. What are the best ways of engaging your learners? What works well in the classroom, or on Zoom or Skype?  

In this short course we will look at some of the best engagement activities for your classes and you’ll get to practice giving a warmer online. Part of our Spotlight Live TESOL Series.

Designed for anyone who is engaged in TEFL or ESOL for outreach, you’ll learn how to approach the first few minutes of a lesson. You’ll engage with some short, online preparatory modules before putting your knowledge into practice in a tutor-led hour on Zoom with your peers.

Who is this course for?
Open to anyone over the age of 18 with a good level of English, it’s particularly suitable for individuals or small groups of Christians engaged in outreach to second language speakers, either in an English-speaking country (ESOL) or teaching overseas (TEFL), whether online or face-to-face. It’s ideal for new teachers as well as for those who want a refresher programme, or who are looking to further develop their professional English teaching skills. As this is a course aimed at assisting Christians in English outreach, the Zoom course session will start with introductions and a short time of prayer.

What we cover:
We’ll look at the following areas:
* engagement activities for adults
* engagement activities for young learners
* engagement activities for teaching online

Finally, in your Zoom session, you’ll get to introduce a warmer of your own to the rest of the group in a peer-peer setting.

How is this course run?
This course runs through the Global English TESOL course platform. With no final exam, you are graded by continuous assessment through the pre-session modules and attendance on the Zoom session.

Do I get a certificate?
You’ll receive a certificate upon successful completion, along with PDF resources of the materials and video presented online. We are also on hand for advice and feedback throughout your short course.

How this interactive Zoom course works
This course is ideal if you’ve got a good broadband connection so can work entirely online via a tablet/PC/Mac. You’ll complete interactive exercises, watch videos via YouTube before your live Zoom session with up to 7 other trainees, led by an expert trainer to help bring the subject to life.

Meet your course tutor
This course is led by expert tutor William Bradridge, Director of Studies at Global English TESOL. William has many years’ experience in the TESOL industry, teaching English, managing language schools and developing training programmes for Christian TEFL.

Course duration
This short course can easily be completed in a day, or over a few hours each evening. However, you have up to 60 days to complete it.

At only £20 per course, this is great value. However, course numbers are limited and it is advised to book early. Click ‘visit site’ below to find out more and reserve your place.

Next course: 7 p.m. Tuesday 9th February 2021. Click visit site below to find out more and reserve your place.

Future courses:  2pm, Tuesday 9th March 2021. Contact us for more information or to book either of these dates.

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3 reviews for CT Engagement Activities: Short Spotlight Course

  1. Sue Coleman

    I did enjoy the course.
    The aspects of the course that I enjoyed most was the range of warmers that were covered with videos that demonstrated how to do them. I was able to use one of the warmers from the course in the session that Anna and I did today with the Syrian ladies – the Picture Brainstorm warmer.
    I would just like to say thank you to you and Louisa for all the work you have put into creating this series

  2. Wendy Dempsey

    The class was excellent. It was great receiving feedback on my warmer from an experienced teacher. I also loved getting excellent warmer ideas from them.

  3. TM, UK

    I found the material very thought-provoking, helpful and encouraging. I’ve usually avoided doing warmers (mostly because of my church’s cafe style outreach lessons as people often walked in late to the lessons off the street or now they join Zoom lessons late due to technical problems) but also due to feeling a lack of confidence to do them. But I now feel that I have more confidence to try and hope to do so in my next lesson!

    I really enjoyed the Zoom session and having contact with other Christians teaching English as outreach and it was particularly encouraging that Louisa prayed, as that reminds us of our main motivation in teaching English as outreach – to share the gospel with our students as and when possible and appropriate. So please keep doing the Christian teacher sessions as that’s really encouraging.

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