Live Zoom Spotlight courses

Live Zoom Spotlight courses


Helping you lead English lessons with confidence through our short, tutor-led, live courses on Zoom.

  • Do you want to build your English teaching confidence?
  • Could you do with more skills, techniques and resources for your lessons?
  • Are your English classes as impactful as they could be?
  • Would you like to actively learn some new skills in a friendly, like-minded group?

Whether you are new to teaching or an ‘old-hand’, our live Zoom-based Spotlight courses will help boost your teaching skills and confidence. Enjoyable and focused, these one-to-one live coaching sessions with a TESOL expert will lead you through some of the most challenging areas for any new English language teacher.

Take a few short interactive pre-modules and then enjoy a one-hour Zoom session where you to practise, ask questions and receive constructive feedback. You’ll leave with resources, a certificate and much more teaching confidence.

Take a look at our Spotlight series below

You can book onto any individual Spotlight course for £35, or mix and match a package of courses to suit you, with 5 Spotlights available for £125. All courses are run through our sister organisation Global English TESOL. Take a look at what’s available below:

Warmers and Engagement Activities
Getting the first few minutes of your lesson right helps get everything off on the right foot. What are the best ways of engaging your learners? What works well in the classroom, or on Zoom or Skype? In this short course we will look at some of the best engagement activities for your classes and you’ll get to practice giving a warmer online. 18 videos of the best warmers for teaching young learners, teenagers or adults, and all the material included can be adapted across levels and age ranges.

Price: £35 – available Zoom session dates here >>

Teaching Beginners
How do we teach English to beginners and improve their ability, whether teaching them face-to-face or online? We’ll look at some of the common problems that beginners have and discover the importance of keeping thing simple, and how we do this practically, along with specific teaching techniques to help them learn.

Price: £35 per place – available Zoom session dates here >>

Teaching Mixed Ability Classes (TMAC)
Whether groups are labelled intermediate, elementary or advanced, the students within them will all have very different abilities. This course will help you find material that you can customise for different levels in your class and show you how to do this practically using group work and pair work, or through break out rooms online.

Price: £35 per place – available Zoom session dates here >>

Zoom Basics
New to Zoom or just want to use it better to get more out of your online classes? We’ll look at setting up meetings, lesson ideas for using the chat function, screen sharing, annotating pictures and documents, using the whiteboard in groups, playing audio and video successfully for your classes and (almost) everything you want to know about using breakout rooms. our most popular Spotlight in 2020.

Price: £35 per place – available Zoom session dates here >>


ESOL Outreach
This short course looks at ways we can engage our whole church with a vision to reach internationals who don’t yet know Christ through English language teaching.

We’ll show you how to create a great team to support your ESOL project, making it sustainable for the long term, and then how to build relationships with your learners beyond the classroom.  Through a range of case studies we will show how churches responded to the challenge of taking gospel ministry to internationals in the COVID pandemic, and then how this has been expanded as class teaching becomes the norm again. Then we bring this together in a 1-hour Zoom workshop where you can share your ideas and we will help you build you plan for ESOL outreach.

Price: £35 per place – available Zoom session dates here >>


Who Are The Spotlight Courses For?

These specialist training sessions are open to anyone over the age of 18 with a good level of English, and suitable for individual Christians engaged in outreach to second language speakers, either in an English-speaking country (ESOL) or teaching overseas (TEFL). Ideal for new teachers as well as for those who want a refresher programme, or who are looking to further develop their professional English teaching skills. You’ll have the reassurance of an experienced course tutor being available for you, on hand for advice and feedback throughout your short course.

Course duration
Most of these 1-1 coaching session courses course can easily be completed in a day or over a few hours each evening. You have up to 60 days to complete and extensions are possible.

Would you like to purchase a package of 5 Spotlight sessions* for £125?

Click visit site below to purchase a package of Spotlights.  We will send you a package of codes so you can redeem your individual course coaching sessions. You’ll have up to six months to use each Spotlight voucher code, so that you can customise your training own programme.


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14 reviews for Live Zoom Spotlight courses

  1. Elsie R

    Thank you so much for the great course and sharing insights and being inspired by others with the same heart and commitment.

  2. Olga H

    ESOL Outreach: The course has made me stop and prayerfully analyse all needs, ideas, plans and questions connected to our prospective ESOL project. I cannot say that now I already see everything clearly but I have been inspired by finding and getting through this course. This is an encouragement for me that both you as an experienced TESOL/TEFL teacher trainers and also other English teachers have already prayed, thought and done a lot ESOL outreach.

  3. David Andrew

    ESOL Outreach: Thanks for a thought provoking and helpful course! Thanks also for the references and links to other materials. Lots of ideas to be going on with.

  4. TM, UK

    Warmers and Engagement Activities:
    I found the material very thought-provoking, helpful and encouraging. I’ve usually avoided doing warmers (mostly because of my church’s cafe style outreach lessons as people often walked in late to the lessons off the street or now they join Zoom lessons late due to technical problems) but also due to feeling a lack of confidence to do them. But I now feel that I have more confidence to try and hope to do so in my next lesson!

  5. Wendy Dempsey, USA

    The class was excellent. It was great receiving feedback on my warmer from an experienced teacher. I also loved getting excellent warmer ideas from them.

  6. Sue Coleman, N Wales.

    The aspects of the course that I enjoyed most was the range of warmers that were covered with videos that demonstrated how to do them. I was able to use one of the warmers from the course in the session that Anna and I did today with the Syrian ladies – the Picture Brainstorm warmer.

  7. David Ball

    Teaching Beginners:
    The course provided a very helpful overview of the subject, in a supportive context, with a wide variety of stimulating web sourced material as I meet the challenge of using Zoom.

  8. Wendy Dempsey, USA

    Teaching Beginners:
    I thought the course was excellent! I loved getting feedback on my lesson and watching how someone else conducts their lesson. The thing I like best about these spotlight classes is it makes the school seem so much more personal. I teach beginners and this class gave me tips that I have already been able to incorporate into my lessons.

  9. Sharon Hunter

    Teaching Beginners:
    The sessions really helped me a lot. Although I have quite a lot of teaching experience (with beginners), the change to online teaching is something I am still trying to develop. So the tips you provided were very helpful for me. It was also a wonderful experience to share and listen to other teachers and their experience! I would most certainly be interested in further sessions

  10. JG, UK

    Teaching Beginners:
    Relaxed, friendly atmosphere with no pressure. Participation by all candidates and opportunity to practice what we had learned. Opportunities to ask questions at all stages.

  11. Lynne Upton

    Zoom Basics course:
    It is a very helpful and practical course. I had tried a few things on Zoom but it gave me more confidence and showed me what I didn’t know. Many thanks indeed.

  12. Rachel Harden

    Zoom Basics:
    I felt very nervous before the Zoom session but William and Louisa quickly put me at ease. I really enjoyed the opportunity to ‘meet’ other students and share ideas and experiences. The mini presentation provided a useful opportunity to try out the skills I’d learnt during the course and to receive constructive feedback. I feel much more confident about teaching via Zoom since attending the online session.

  13. David Andrew

    Zoom Basics:
    The modules were great as was the live session. I’ve learned lots about Zoom and picked up various tips which I can apply in my teaching. In particular I now feel confident to use whiteboard and annotation by me/students in my class for the first time.
    Thanks! Good to be challenged and inspired.

  14. Tamsyn Mott

    Zoom Basics course:
    Excellent. I particularly enjoyed Louisa’s introductory warmer with a ‘spot the difference’ picture as I never thought about using that with students before. I will now! It was very helpful being on the receiving end of Zoom teaching to try and see what it would be like for the students. Thank you very much for the course as I found it very helpful and I’ve learned a lot. I thought I was reasonably confident using Zoom – because I could schedule meetings and share my screen! But I’ve learned so much about using it creatively now, especially with annotating pictures and text etc that I can now see that my earlier knowledge was extremely limited, if adequate in some ways. I’m now looking forward to trying out my new ideas and skills with my students – rather than feeling stressed about having to use Zoom.

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