Self-Study Introduction to Teaching ESOL Guide

Self-Study Introduction to Teaching ESOL Guide


A must for any new or qualified English teachers who are looking to develop outreach projects for ESOL to asylum seekers or refugees.

This 186 page self-study guide introduces you to the principles of how to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). The guide shows you what to teach and how to teach it.

This guide is taken from the popular Christian TEFL 70-hour Introduction to ESOL course. We have included ideas, videos and tips to help you develop your teaching to English learners at a range of different levels. The simple writing style, with links to videos and audio files, helps to demonstrate specific areas of learning and makes it easy to read. Go through at your own pace and have a handy reference to help you with English teaching to your ESOL group.

As you browse through the various chapters on classroom management, materials for ESOL, working with different levels and how to teach basic grammar and vocabulary, you’ll find great ideas for your own teaching, which will help inspire your students. There is a summary section on outreach and mission, which is ‘hands-on’ and practical. You’ll find over 100 links to follow for further research, meaning you can dig deeper if you wish.

This self-study guide will come in handy for any new teacher or experienced practitioner looking to for fresh ideas. (Please note it doesn’t include the course questions and does not lead to a certificate award.)

So, whether you are using these notes as a soft-copy refresher for a course you have taken, or plan to use it to help you launch your own programme, the standalone guide is a fantastic addition to any ESOL outreach project.

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