Taste of TESOL Survey

Ever thought of using your language ability to serve?

Christian TEFL courses are easy to follow and enable you to take an accredited TEFL qualification while you are serving overseas, or before you go.

To get a flavour of how you can use your language skills in this way, our simple 5 minute TEFL quiz will get you thinking about teaching English and help you to find out whether TEFL service might be for you.

  • There is a video where you can see a teacher in action in the classroom, then answer some questions based on what you see.
  • We will also ask you some questions on grammar and the English Language as well.
  • You'll get to see a little of how our Christian TEFL courses work and some guidance on what kind of training might be suitable for you.

Try to do the quiz without access to resources - there will be some answers for you afterwards so you can check you work, and if you have any questions after this you can email us here

So let's get started - click either of the quiz links below to begin!

Quiz 1 – In the classroom View
Quiz 2 – Language Awareness View

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