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Application for enrolment onto a Christian TEFL online course is seen as acceptance of the following terms.

Please read the following information carefully.

./  1) Charity – The name and address of the supplier is Christian TEFL, 37 Dunsford Gardens, Exeter EX 4 1LN, UK, registered with the Charity Commission in the UK (charity number 1145857). The trustees of the charity are Jonathan Newall, Sophie Gower, Gemma Simpson, Jenny Hudson and William Bradridge. To correspond with the trustees or Christian TEFL, or in the event of any complaint, please contact us at the above address or by email at info@christiantefl.org. Christian TEFL office hours are 09.00 – 13.00 GMT Monday to Friday. If you wish to contact us by telephone, please call 01392 346555 from the UK and +44 1392 346555 from outside the UK. Calls are charged at UK standard rates if you are calling from inside the UK and international rates from outside the UK.

2) Enrolment – acceptance onto all online courses is at the discretion of the Course Director and dependent on individual course eligibility requirements. Should an applicant be deemed unsuitable or not appropriately qualified, the prospective application will not be completed and an explanation will be given as to the reasons for non-acceptance. In this instance any course fees will be refunded.

3) Pricing – Christian TEFL provides online TEFL training courses. We accept payment in 7 currencies for our online courses – Sterling, US Dollar, Euro, AU Dollar, NZ Dollar, HK Dollar and Canadian Dollar. Please select the currency you wish to pay with on the courses pages. Where appropriate, all taxes are included in the prices displayed. Online course prices are the same worldwide and we use sterling as our base price. Sterling prices are usually fixed for 6 month periods from January to June and from July to December and will not be varied between these times. Other currencies may vary from time to time subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

4) Postage costs – Christian TEFL accepts the postage costs for all outbound mail on our online courses. Postage to Christian TEFL and any additional costs in contacting us (e.g. telephoning) are met by the trainee. Additionally, Christian TEFL may recommend the purchase of some books for help with the course and beyond. The trainee meets the costs of book purchase, although our recommended reading list is kept to a minimum.

5) Method of payment– Trainees pay at point of sale:

  • By Internet – on the secure enrolment form via on our website we accept MasterCard and both visa credit and debit cards, in any currency listed in 3 above, and also American Express if issued by a UK bank. Note that we can’t accept non-UK Amex transactions. If choosing to pay via our website, confirmation receipt will be sent via automated email. This details the date, delivery details, type of course, payment type and amount.
  • Christian TEFL accepts payment for training by institutions, churches, government agencies or companies. Contact us in info@christiantefl.org if you require an invoice to be raised for your course.

6) Split payment – We do not offer split payment facilities for our courses.

7) Cooling off period  – online courses
Online courses – trainees may return the course to us within 14 days of the date on the receipt. Trainees can expect a full refund without stating a reason for the return. However, any physical course materials sent out must be returned to us in good order. The trainee meets any cost in returning the course to Christian TEFL. The refund is normally issued within 7 days of the return of the course and course materials and made in the manner of the initial payment, less any bank charges incurred through bank transfers to non-sterling accounts.

8) Personal Tutor – access to a personal tutor is provided for help with the online courses. The personal tutor can be contacted via one or more of the following – telephone, Skype, email or messaging through our website. The personal tutor is responsible for the marking and grading all work and for the written course assessment. Your tutor will send a welcome email to you, usually within 24 hours of your enrolment.

9) Receiving your online course – Trainees will be sent an automated message with a link to access their Student login area via the Student Login page on the partner website where the course is delivered. Course tutors will return work via the Student Login page when marked with a score and feedback.Once all modules are completed, a final grade is awarded based the total number of marks gained, divided by the number of marks obtained. Grades given for the final GE certificates are either A, B or pass.The tutor reserves the right to withhold a grade on a module where sufficient learning has not been demonstrated. In this case trainees may be asked to rewrite their answers so a grade can be awarded. This is only at the discretion of the tutor. All modules have to be completed at least 50% pass for a certificate to be awarded.

10) Course completion and certificate –  candidates have a set time to complete their courses from date of registration. Please see specific courses for durations. Course extensions are possible for an extra fee. On successful completion of the course, trainees will receive a Global English TESOL PDF certificate. A printed and embossed certificate is also available for an extra fee, as is a certificate from the accrediting body ACTDEC.

11) Work and placement opportunities – Trainees can access information on teaching placements and opportunities worldwide via our website. Successful completion of any course does not guarantee employment or placement and it is up to the individual partner organisations as to whether a candidate will be successfully placed. Placement descriptions are provided to Christian TEFL by our partner organisations and candidates should check all details with the individual partner organisations prior to accepting any placement offer. Information on placements on this website is for general guidance only and does not constitute advice in any way and we strongly advise you to research a country further before travelling abroad to volunteer, particularly regarding work and visa regulations. We also strongly advise you to vet terms and conditions of placement carefully before accepting any offer.

12) Data Protection – Christian TEFL is registered with the Data Protection Agency. To facilitate certain tasks and communication between ourselves and our trainees, we store some details about enquirers and trainees electronically. These include contact details, grades obtained on any Christian TEFL course and details of email correspondence. However, this is strictly for use by Christian TEFL only and details are not released to third parties, with the exception of our partners if this is necessary to provide details for a course. If you have chosen to pay using the secure web site, note that we do not store debit or credit card details on our databases. We employ firewall and computer virus protection and take all possible steps to safeguard personal data. Corresponding with Christian TEFL by email is seen as acceptance of our data protection policy. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for the content, procedures or data policies of websites that we may have links with. For further information, please see our privacy policy.

13) Complaints procedure – If you have any complaint about any aspect of the service you receive from Christian TEFL, please put your complaint in writing to the Course Director, and send to Christian TEFL at the address given in section 1 above, or via email to our centre. All complaints received in this form are recorded and processed by the department responsible.

14) Christian TEFL and English law – Christian TEFL is a partnership that resides in the UK and is subject to English law. Transacting with Christian TEFL is seen as acceptance of the terms and conditions here stated and, should a dispute arise, any proceedings are to be conducted in the UK and are to be subject to English law.


Terms and conditions for advertisers 

By purchasing an advertising package, you are authorising Christian TEFL to advertise this position on our website and through other related internet activity e.g. social media.

Advertising is undertaken with regard to the following terms and conditions:

a)       You have the authority to advertise any positions you provide.

b)      Any advertising package purchased becomes non-refundable once the post has been listed.

c)       You supply all content and logos/videos for your school/organisation.

d)      All advertising fees are to be paid in advance by credit card debit card or PayPal through the Christian TEFL website.

e)      Advertisers will be required to set up a new account on our website to facilitate payment.

f)        Christian TEFL reserves the right to not to publish advertisements that contravene its mission statement or are not in accordance with its mission principles. Should this be the case, a full refund will be issued.

g)       Christian TEFL reserves the right amend or withdraw advertisements if it is shown that any wording provided is false or misleading. Should this be the case, no refund will be issued.

h)      Should a post no longer exist or a weblink to a school organisation fail, Christian TEFL will suspend any advertising until this is corrected by yourselves.

i)        Advertisements can be accepted for individual posts seeking one or more teachers in one or more locations within a specific country. Advertisements for teachers across countries and regions will require separate listings. Please contact us for multi-location rates.

j)        We agree to publicise your job through our website, email newsletters, social media and courses as outlined in the individual advertising packages.

k)       Christian TEFL will notify you of renewal options that are available 14 days before cessation of the booked advertising period.

l)        Should you decide not to continuing advertising with us, we will remove your advertisement from our website and any blog pages or video materials from our website and courses. However, details of any advertising will remain in social media threads.

m)    You accept all responsibility for the consequences of hiring a candidate and that Christian TEFL shall not be liable for any losses or damage whatsoever as a result of advertising, recruiting and employing any candidate,  or any consequence of not recruiting a candidate.

Updated 09/12/2023

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