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Local ESOL Outreach
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Training local churches for ESOL outreach


At Christian TEFL we work with churches and organisations to train their members to teach English, so they can reach out with practical support to help second language speakers in their communities. Take a look at what we can offer.

Customised Training:
We customise our support for your church group or organisation (minimum 3 people) so we can train you to deliver your own English teaching programmes. We lead you through our online courses and practical teacher-led Zoom seminars to give you the training and experience you need, so you can set up a programme to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), either online or in person. However, if you are already running an English teaching outreach programme, but would benefit from extra training and support, then our programmes can also be used to assist with additional professional development. You can train from anywhere in the world with us, so if you are a mission organisation with multiple locations, we can support you too, helping to bring your team together.

How the training works:
All our courses start with a general introduction on Zoom, where you will meet our qualified tutors and learn about what’s covered on your course. This is a time to meet online and plan a step-by-step approach to training, to help set some objectives for your programme.

Each programme consists of 2 parts:

  1. Five short blended online/Zoom course sessions, of a range of key topics. 20 hours of online study and Zoom practical meetings at times to suit you (5 hours Zoom, 15 hours tutor-supported self-study).
  2. Choice of online, accredited training courses to accompany the above Zoom training. Select either the 70-hour Introduction to ESOL course or our 120-hour Classic TEFL programme. Both come with full tutor support and candidates work independently, at their own speed.

About the Zoom sessions:
The five short zoom sessions help to motivate the group through shared experiences and offer the opportunity for some practical teaching, where you can have a go at leading a teaching task in the presence of your peers. This is a great way of starting to work together as a team. These sessions are:

  • ESOL/TEFL course introduction
  • Warmers and engagement activities (class-based and online)
  • Teaching beginners
  • Working with students at different levels
  • Teaching for outreach

Full course or Zoom sessions only?
Some of your candidates may choose to participate in the full training, while others (perhaps if they already hold a TESOL qualification or are experienced ESOL teachers) may choose just to participate in the short course Zoom training sessions. So, we offer your team a mix and match approach to suit your needs.


1) Five short, blended online/Zoom course sessions: £75 per candidate
2) Combined 70-hour Introduction to ESOL online course (link) + Five short, blended online/Zoom course sessions: £275 per candidate
3) Combined 120-hour Classic TEFL online course (link) + 5 zoom sessions: £300 per candidate

A minimum of 3 candidates enrolling together on a mix of the above courses.
5% discount for 5 candidates, 10% discount for 10 candidates.

I have found the ESOL course helpful in giving me a framework and the resources to help when teaching English. I have also put some of the things into practice when I prepare lessons for a group of international volunteers that I teach at a local Christian Endeavor Holiday Centre.

We are now offering free English lessons in Colwyn Bay to the Syrian refugees and anyone in the community for whom English is not their first language.”

Sue Coleman, Antioch Church, N Wales

For further information and a free consultation, contact Christian TEFL via the form below to see how we can help you with practical English language teaching outreach.

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